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= do the child gave a little bit bounce of excitement → das Kind machte vor Aufregung einen kleinen Luftsprung; he gave a shrug of his shoulders → er zuckte mit den Schultern

let for, permit, provide, leave - come up with a probability or deliver chance for; permit to be attainable or result in to stay; "This leaves no room for improvement"; "The evidence allows just one conclusion"; "enable for mistakes"; "depart loads of time for that trip"; "This procedure provides for plenty of leeway"

(American) a private or christian identify. gegewe الإسْم الأوَّل кръщелно име nome de batismo křestní jméno der Vorname fornavn βαφτιστικό όνομα nombre de pila eesnimi اسم اول etunimi prénom שם פרטי प्रदत्त नाम osobno, krsno ime keresztnév, utónév nama depan skírnarnafn nome di battesimo 名 (성에 대한) 이름 vardas (cilvēka) vārds nama Kristian voornaamfornavnimię لوړی نوم nome de baptismo pre­nume имя (krstné) meno rojstno, krstno ime kršteno ime fileörnamn ชื่อแรก ilk advertisement, isim 名字,教名 ім'я کسی کا رکھا گیا نام tên thánh 名字,教名

→ geben; to give any individual a thing or a little something to someone → jdm etw geben; they gave us food and consume → sie gaben uns zu essen und zu trinken; the teacher gave us three workouts → der Lehrer hat uns drei Übungen gegeben or (as homework) → aufgegeben; we were given three exercises → wir haben drei Übungen bekommen or (as research) → aufbekommen; she was given a sedative → person hat ihr or ihr wurde ein Beruhigungsmittel gegeben; they gave us roast beef for lunch → sie servierten uns Roastbeef zum (Mittag)essen; I’d give a whole lot/the world/nearly anything to find out … → ich würde viel/sehr viel/alles darum geben, wenn ich wüsste, …; what wouldn’t I give being such as you → was würde ich nicht darum geben, so wie du zu sein; to give any person one particular’s chilly (inf) → jdn mit seiner Erkältung anstecken; to give pretty much as good as one particular will get → sich kräftig wehren; he gave every little thing he experienced (fig) → er holte das Letzte aus sich heraus ?

If a person asks you to do something that they Imagine you'll want to do, don't say which they 'present' you to get it done. You say they invite you to make it happen.

dispense with, part with, spare, give up - give up what's not strictly needed; "he asked if they could spare one in their horses to hurry his journey"

give and take you won't realize an agreement with no little bit of give and take → no vais a conseguir un acuerdo sin hacer concesiones mutuas

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The amount of ought to I give for a tip? → كَمْ يَبْلُغُ البَقْشيشُ الَّذي عَلَيَّ أَنْ أَدْفَعَه؟ → Kolik mám nechat jako spropitné? → Hvad skal jeg give i drikkepenge? → Wie viel Trinkgeld sollte ich geben? → Πόσο φιλοδώρημα πρέπει να δώσω; → ¿Cuándo hay que dejar de propina? → Paljonko juomarahaa pitäisi antaa? → Il faut donner combien comme pourboire ? → Koliku napojnicu trebam dati?

it gives me wonderful satisfaction to welcome you all → es un gran placer para mí darles la bienvenida a todos

bequeath, will, go away - depart or give by will soon after one particular's Loss of life; "My more info aunt bequeathed me all her jewelry"; "My grandfather left me his full estate"

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I might give a lot/the planet/something to learn ... (fam) → darei moltissimo/tutto l'oro del mondo/non so che cosa for each sapere...

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